Friday, March 20, 2009

About me..

Argh! Here we go again.. Every time i want to write an "about me" section, i always find myself with a blank mind o_O i manage though! Look.. I'll do ok.. Just read.. :p

Well! My name is Jacynta, i have NO siblings :( my girl cousin who i live with is the closest to a sister i'll ever get :) I'm Thai/Puerto Rican/Colombian.. But i live in Australia! Most people are like "Wow.. How did that happen?" So i have to explain to them that my dad (born in Australia) went to Colombia, met my mum (Yes i said MUM cos i'm Aussie) they did the naughties, dad went back to Australia, mum had me in Colombia, Medellin (i'm so cool! Kidding :p) she didn't tell dad til 2-3 years later, dad brought us to Australia.. I grew up around Aussies and always thought they had a funny accent.. It's not the worse though.. Some other countries are like.. O_O k wtf man.. But yeah, i think i have an Aussie accent.. I can imitate bogan Aussies though, that's always a laugh :D i consider myself an Aussie! Cos i love Australia and our colored plastic money!!

Jealous much? Kidding :p grrr i kid too much!

Haha! Yeah what else.. I really love to type about anything really.. Gotta be real bored though.. Not really o_O ehh what am i talking about..

Umm.. My birthday is on the 28th of June! Yeah!! I have cancer and crabs o_O lmao my starsign is Cancer for you slow ones! Bahaha..

I have a boyfriend of 2 years.. Almost.. 2 more months :') i love my bubbah.. God, now i'm in the mood to write a blog about how i feel about my bubbah!! GRRRR.. We met on the beach.. Lol.. He said he had already seen me before then though.. But yeah, it was a hot day.. You know when you step on the dry sand it's so hot that it's burning your feet? I had to run and hack the pain arrggghh!! I was soo stupid too cos that whole time i was holding my thongs (sandals, flip flops.. Aussie's say thongs...) lol i was in such a shock that i was oblivious to the fact that i coulda worn them and stop looking like an idiot.. But anyways.. I must have looked real stupid cos by the time i reached the grass i see some dudes on the bench looking at me and laughing, it was embarrassing.. They were hot too :p muahahaha! Then one dude (my bubbah) was like..

"You ok?" *does a sexy smirk* arrgh!!
Me: "Yeah.."
Him: "You latina?"
Me: "Mostly.. Are you?"
Him "Yeah, i'm from Peru, what else are you?" (by the way.. This is not the exact words.. He had so much game.. For reals i was like thinking DAMN THIS GUY NEEDS TO STOP BEING SEXY!" lol)
Me: "Oh cool, my dad's half Thai, half Puerto Rican.. Mum's Colombian" *awkward laugh*
Him: "Nice.. Where you heading to??"
Me: "Marrickville.. My dad's waiting for me.. Kinda late.."
Him: "You freals? I live in M-ville.. Mind if i walk home with you?" (he said something else.. Lol)
I forgot what i said but i was blushing so bad.. But yeah, we ended up walking together.. I was so shy to talk to him properly.. I'm still kinda shy when he does or says things nowadays o^__^o he's so sweet.. LOL omg.. This is supposse to be an "about me" post!!!! My mind can't stay on one subject hahaha grrrr bubbah got me thinking bout his ass >=[ i think i'll finish this off..


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