Saturday, April 25, 2009

I went clubbing lastnight.

It was wild.. Or maybe i just haven't been out in a LONG ass while? I forgot how much Aguas i drank.. Hmmm... From the top of my head i can count 6.. Anthony had more than me but was still normal, wdf?!.. Lol.. Some dude offered to buy me a drink in front of my bubz and he got MMMMMAAAD... Told him off and shit.. I don't why, but for some reason i like it when he's overprotective.. Kinda SEXY! Grr!! Must stop thinking dirty thoughts..

But yeah, for a while i started to forget how it feels like to be drunk, til last night of course.. When you're drunk.. Every song that comes on is the is better than the last song.. When I'M drunk, i get REALLY impatient when the song has no bass, YET.. Like damn man, play techno all night and i'll be content, I WANT B A S S !! Haha!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, i'm so fricken stuffed right now.. Headache is killing me.. Taking care of my baby, the alcohol finally set in.. Lol.. He's so cute right now.. I feel like drawing on him.. Omg that reminds me.. Oh actually, don't worry about it, i cbf writing it out, too much... Feeling lazyyyyy.....

Friday, April 24, 2009


Are the most horrible-est things God has ever created!! Sometimes i find myself wishing death upon ALL insects on Earth.. I hate them, they scare the living day light out of me.. I honestly think it's their legs... It creeps me the hell out.. Have you ever seen a cockroach (or any insect) on it's back and it's kicking its legs in hopes on clinging onto something so they can regain their stance? It sends a whole heap of CHILLS down my spine! Far out.. Just by writing that, i feel paranoid now.....

Like 3 days ago, my cousins were playing Guitar Hero outside. One of them texted me (i was in my room) to come out and see something 'really cool'. So i went out... One cousin was like "Can you turn the a/c on?" while the other was saying "Do you remember that ice cream truck tune?" (swear to god, these cunts were smart for asking me that, got me all distracted and shit! GRRRR) and i'm like looking at the TV screen and walking towards the a/c control with my hand out, thinking wtf the ice cream truck tune was.. Then i looked where the control was, and oh my fucken (oops) god.. There was this HUGE ASS brown GRASSfuckenHOPPER! So i ran away with them laughing, they knew i have a bad phobia of huge insects, those cunts!! GRRR!!... But yeah.. I'm still kinda paranoid to use the front door cos it might be there.. So i go around the back and walk ALL AROUND the house.... I hate insects....

Top 10 tactics that make you buy.

I didn't write this.

Ever wondered why the milk is located at the back of the supermarket and the cosmetics at the front of the department store?

Have you found yourself humming along to the easy listening hits piped through the grocery store, throwing products into your trolley as you try to remember the next line?

Retailers spend millions of dollars a year to make your shopping experience a pleasant (read: expensive) one. The more you enjoy it, they figure, the more you'll spend. And it works.

Well, forewarned is forearmed. Here is our list of the top 10 sneaky tricks that retailers use to part you from your hard-earned cash. If you'd like to be able to shop without blowing the budget every time, take note:

1. Location, location, location

In retailing, as in real estate, location is everything. The milk is at the back of the supermarket for the simple reason that you have to walk past everything in the shop to get to it. There's no dashing in and dashing out again. Instead there's enough time to remember that you also need dishwashing detergent, garbage bags and, oh yes, Tim Tams. The best layouts are designed to keep you moving and often follow a curving path (think of an IKEA store or your local Target). The effect is to have you "wander around".

2. Refer to rule one

While we're on the subject of location, it's no accident that small, incidental purchases are placed close to the cash registers. Magazines, chocolate bars, batteries … the kind of stuff you never remember unless it's staring you in the face. In the same way, lip glosses, scented candles, soaps, those little "comedy" books, key rings and the like will be placed tantalisingly near the counter of specialist shops. It makes it easier for you to say "oh, and this too, thanks". You'll also often see products classified as impulse buys placed at the ends of aisles, making them hard to miss.

3. Smells like teen spirit

Probably bigger in the US than it is here, scent can be used to create a buying ambience. The classic is coffee and freshly baked bread in supermarkets (try smelling either and not feeling hungry), but there have also been cases where sports stores have been scented to smell like locker rooms (supposedly to make you feel like an athlete).

4. My kind of sound

Next time you're shopping, close your eyes and listen to the tempo of the sounds being piped through the aisles. In a traditional department store, the music is likely to be soothing — aimed at slowing you down and encouraging you to linger over the merchandise. Supermarkets play those comfortable, easy hits that have you singing along and probably not sticking as closely to your shopping list as you should. Specialty stores will use music to reflect the kind of customer the retailer is targeting — young, funky boutiques play young, funky music (usually at ear-splitting levels).

5. Show me the money

Visual merchandising (a fancy name for displays) offers more ammunition. By putting items together in an attractive way, or, in the case of home stores, showing a room setting that allows you to imagine the items at your place, retailers are doing the hard work for you. So rather than buying the picture frame you went in the store for, you might buy three (they "group" so nicely) — and perhaps a rug, lamp and cushion to "tie the look together".

This kind of enticement begins with the glossy catalogues that stores now produce. No longer just a photographic show-through of a company's product, the catalogues are selling "see-yourself-here" lifestyle aspirations.

6. Look at me

To make you buy, the retailer has to get you to stop. The more you stop to look at attractive displays or interesting details or "bargain" signs, the more likely it is that extra stuff will find its way into your basket or trolley. To combat this, keep on walking — if it's that interesting, you can always go back later.

7. Shelf possessed

It's no accident that the most expensive items in a supermarket are placed at eye level (or that products aimed at kids are placed about three-feet from the ground). We see therefore we buy. It takes a savvy shopper to know that cheaper products are usually on the bottom shelves. Bend a little and save.

8. Twice as nice

How many times have you been seduced by the supermarket "multi-buy" or the shoe stores "two-for-one" offer? Using the words "two for one" instead of "50 percent off" have been shown to increase purchases by up to 150 percent! Apparently we feel we're getting value rather than simply getting something cheap. Ask yourself this: do you really need two?

9. Size does count

It's very hard to over-shop with a basket — space is at a premium — which is why some retailers push us towards trolleys. Your three-item shopping list — toothpaste, butter, tuna — looks very lonely in a huge trolley and it's hard to avoid the temptation to throw in extra products to keep them company. Before you know it, you've racked up a huge bill.

10. When trying has you buying

Clothes-shopping has many traps for the unwary. From the salesperson who tries to develop "a relationship" with you (so that you trust her judgement and will take her advice on additional purchases) to the little "extras" that are vital to making an outfit "work" — think jewellery, bag, shoes, scarf … and the list goes on. It also seems that simply trying something on can lead to a purchase. It's called "claiming ownership" and the logic goes that once you've had that coat on your back you'll feel less happy about putting it back on the rack. Nobody's suggesting you shouldn't try before you buy, but beware those possessive feelings.

Damn, i feel like i'm getting 'tricked' everytime i go shopping now, lol. Not really, but props for whoever had the idea of putting candy near the registers! :p

Pics that i just took. Really bored.

Yup, hence the title.. o_OZombiee x_X

I hacked my ex's email.


It only took 3 tries.

I read through his emails and he was talking so much bullshit about me to other girls, like wtf? He was saying he dumped me but in actual fact it was the other way around, i remember that day, there was NO way he could've confused that shit around. Lying cunt.

I broke up with him cos he's the most EFFEN annoying cunt ever! For reals, even his friends at the time tell me that he's bugging them. At the beginning he was all different, but near the end he just shows me his pussy bitch side. Seriously, even i felt like more of a man than him. He talks about the same bullshit over and over again like it was something new too.. E.g. "Haha remember in family guy when peter.... ETC"

.. Next week.. Same person... "Oh remember that epsidode in Family Guy.."

(Ok, usually i don't swear, but from this point on, ima say some 'F' words, the thought of this guy pisses me off, and writing about him makes me MAD)

But yeah, i'm dead serious that this fucken cunt is so pussy, he cries over the most littlest things, he LOOKS like a pimple faced blow fish with his ugly fucken lips always in that pout shape 24/7.. Ewww.... Cunt is ALWAYS talking about himself or his ugly car.

"I don't think i'm ugly, just above average"
What the fuck ever dude. You're uglier than you think. I only went out with you cos you seemed nice, my mistake.

"My friends reckon my cars faster than most of the cars here"
No, they never said that shit you sad loser.

"I think i'm mixed"
No cunt, you're 100% chink. (he says this cos he's adopted)

"I hate my dad!"
He only gives you shit cos you're fucken annoying. Now i truly understand why your dad says "Shoulda never adopted you".

UGH........... I feel disgusted that he has the privlidge to call ME his EX.. I never referred to him as my 'EX'.. Just 'that cunt'.

Oh by the way, when i hacked his email, i logged onto his Bebo account and joined gay bands/groups and added gay guys. Lmao! I did it once before and he got PISSED! Trying to explain to all his Bebo friends that he got 'hacked' 0=] yeah w/e FAG. Haha! He hasn't noticed this one yet though, hehehe, i'm so evil, but i couldn't give 2 shits :]

Stupid ass customers..

Piss me off, BAD!

Some bitch orders a small rice + mongolian beef.. $6.50.

Then she asks me.

"Could you put a prawn parcel on top?"

I'm like "Just one?" (cos we sell 3 prawn parcels for $2.50)

She's like "Yeah".

So i put a damn prawn parcel on top and i ask my cousin how much is for one prawn parcel, and he told me to calculate it.. So $2.50 divided by 3 is rounded off to like 80 cents. So i added that shit to the price, total now is = $7.30

I ask if she would like anything to drink, she says no, then i tell her the total,

she's like "No, it's $6.50"

(wtf BITCH??!) trying to correct me and shit..

So i'm like "No, i added the prawn parcel, so it's $7.30 now"

Then the bitch was all "That's a rip off" and walked off as i said "Then don't order next time".

Man, i really hate when restaurants etc have that "CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT" bullshit, whoever came up with that stupid shit is MESSED UP. When i deal with customers like that, i wouldn't hesitate to argue back, wtf are they gonna do? Seriously? Where does it say i offer 5 star service?....

Ugh, i hate stupid customers, unfortunately, they are everywhere. If you've ever been a stupid ass customer and you're reading this, just know that they talk shit about you when you walk away.

End of rant :]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guys that act like bitches.

BIGGEST turn off, i seriously despise guys who can't admit that they're wrong.. Guys who won't stop talking until they get the last say (even though they know they're wrong).

End of rant :]


Bf's ex.. Just PISS OFF!

I hate my bf's stupid ex, it's been 2 god damn years, why can't the bitch just PISS OFF?! Seriously, i see her around with her new man, and the bitch STILL wants to mess with mine?! I HATE people who constantly BUG their ex's... Farrrr out.. You gotta understand.. You're NOT wanted.... Stop making yaself look bad and shit, just piss off!!


I got a hold of her number through a mutual friend.. I asked her "Why do you wanna see Anthony for? He told me what you said.."
Her: I just haven't seen him, i miss him, what's it to you?
Me: Are you serious?? *pause* don't you have a bf? Why do you throw yourself at guys like this for?
Her: Whatever ok, don't call me again.

*Bitch hangs up*

I text her "Freals, you broke up with him how many years ago and all of a sudden you wanna see him cos you simply MISS him? WTF? Did your bf dump you or something? Haaaha.. There are so many guys in this state alone, why don't you go and MISS someone's elses man..."

She hasn't texted back.. Dumb whore, i'm ready to fight to the death, someone hold muh earrings >=[ haha.