Saturday, April 25, 2009

I went clubbing lastnight.

It was wild.. Or maybe i just haven't been out in a LONG ass while? I forgot how much Aguas i drank.. Hmmm... From the top of my head i can count 6.. Anthony had more than me but was still normal, wdf?!.. Lol.. Some dude offered to buy me a drink in front of my bubz and he got MMMMMAAAD... Told him off and shit.. I don't why, but for some reason i like it when he's overprotective.. Kinda SEXY! Grr!! Must stop thinking dirty thoughts..

But yeah, for a while i started to forget how it feels like to be drunk, til last night of course.. When you're drunk.. Every song that comes on is the is better than the last song.. When I'M drunk, i get REALLY impatient when the song has no bass, YET.. Like damn man, play techno all night and i'll be content, I WANT B A S S !! Haha!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, i'm so fricken stuffed right now.. Headache is killing me.. Taking care of my baby, the alcohol finally set in.. Lol.. He's so cute right now.. I feel like drawing on him.. Omg that reminds me.. Oh actually, don't worry about it, i cbf writing it out, too much... Feeling lazyyyyy.....

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