Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bf's ex.. Just PISS OFF!

I hate my bf's stupid ex, it's been 2 god damn years, why can't the bitch just PISS OFF?! Seriously, i see her around with her new man, and the bitch STILL wants to mess with mine?! I HATE people who constantly BUG their ex's... Farrrr out.. You gotta understand.. You're NOT wanted.... Stop making yaself look bad and shit, just piss off!!


I got a hold of her number through a mutual friend.. I asked her "Why do you wanna see Anthony for? He told me what you said.."
Her: I just haven't seen him, i miss him, what's it to you?
Me: Are you serious?? *pause* don't you have a bf? Why do you throw yourself at guys like this for?
Her: Whatever ok, don't call me again.

*Bitch hangs up*

I text her "Freals, you broke up with him how many years ago and all of a sudden you wanna see him cos you simply MISS him? WTF? Did your bf dump you or something? Haaaha.. There are so many guys in this state alone, why don't you go and MISS someone's elses man..."

She hasn't texted back.. Dumb whore, i'm ready to fight to the death, someone hold muh earrings >=[ haha.

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