Friday, April 24, 2009

I hacked my ex's email.


It only took 3 tries.

I read through his emails and he was talking so much bullshit about me to other girls, like wtf? He was saying he dumped me but in actual fact it was the other way around, i remember that day, there was NO way he could've confused that shit around. Lying cunt.

I broke up with him cos he's the most EFFEN annoying cunt ever! For reals, even his friends at the time tell me that he's bugging them. At the beginning he was all different, but near the end he just shows me his pussy bitch side. Seriously, even i felt like more of a man than him. He talks about the same bullshit over and over again like it was something new too.. E.g. "Haha remember in family guy when peter.... ETC"

.. Next week.. Same person... "Oh remember that epsidode in Family Guy.."

(Ok, usually i don't swear, but from this point on, ima say some 'F' words, the thought of this guy pisses me off, and writing about him makes me MAD)

But yeah, i'm dead serious that this fucken cunt is so pussy, he cries over the most littlest things, he LOOKS like a pimple faced blow fish with his ugly fucken lips always in that pout shape 24/7.. Ewww.... Cunt is ALWAYS talking about himself or his ugly car.

"I don't think i'm ugly, just above average"
What the fuck ever dude. You're uglier than you think. I only went out with you cos you seemed nice, my mistake.

"My friends reckon my cars faster than most of the cars here"
No, they never said that shit you sad loser.

"I think i'm mixed"
No cunt, you're 100% chink. (he says this cos he's adopted)

"I hate my dad!"
He only gives you shit cos you're fucken annoying. Now i truly understand why your dad says "Shoulda never adopted you".

UGH........... I feel disgusted that he has the privlidge to call ME his EX.. I never referred to him as my 'EX'.. Just 'that cunt'.

Oh by the way, when i hacked his email, i logged onto his Bebo account and joined gay bands/groups and added gay guys. Lmao! I did it once before and he got PISSED! Trying to explain to all his Bebo friends that he got 'hacked' 0=] yeah w/e FAG. Haha! He hasn't noticed this one yet though, hehehe, i'm so evil, but i couldn't give 2 shits :]

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