Friday, April 24, 2009

Stupid ass customers..

Piss me off, BAD!

Some bitch orders a small rice + mongolian beef.. $6.50.

Then she asks me.

"Could you put a prawn parcel on top?"

I'm like "Just one?" (cos we sell 3 prawn parcels for $2.50)

She's like "Yeah".

So i put a damn prawn parcel on top and i ask my cousin how much is for one prawn parcel, and he told me to calculate it.. So $2.50 divided by 3 is rounded off to like 80 cents. So i added that shit to the price, total now is = $7.30

I ask if she would like anything to drink, she says no, then i tell her the total,

she's like "No, it's $6.50"

(wtf BITCH??!) trying to correct me and shit..

So i'm like "No, i added the prawn parcel, so it's $7.30 now"

Then the bitch was all "That's a rip off" and walked off as i said "Then don't order next time".

Man, i really hate when restaurants etc have that "CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT" bullshit, whoever came up with that stupid shit is MESSED UP. When i deal with customers like that, i wouldn't hesitate to argue back, wtf are they gonna do? Seriously? Where does it say i offer 5 star service?....

Ugh, i hate stupid customers, unfortunately, they are everywhere. If you've ever been a stupid ass customer and you're reading this, just know that they talk shit about you when you walk away.

End of rant :]

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