Monday, May 18, 2009

Miss Tiffany Pageant 2009!

Sorrawee Nattee took first place in this years Miss Tiffany Pageant! For those who don't know what it is- Miss Tiffany's are Transexuals of Thailand :)

You can't even tell they're men! They're soo beautiful!Thailand is not ashamed of their Transexuals :)
"When asked to name her hero, winner Sorrawee earned loud applause by naming her mother and father, and as the evening progressed, cheers for her grew louder and louder as the audience urged their favourite to victory."


  1. Oh my, they're gorgeous! Haha. If I didn't read the text of yours I wouldn't have thought in a million ways that they're actually men! Lols.
    BTW girl! I tagged you on my blog ;)

  2. omg. they are actually men? I didn't know about this contest. they look absolutely stunning. I will never ever look that gorgeous no matter how hard I try. and I am a real woman *lol* maybe they can share some makeup tips with us?