Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soo drunk!

My godddddddd! But ima try to type with perfect grammar and all that shizz.. Lol.. And ima go back and correct my spelling etc.. You don't know this but i've already done like 8 typos haha!

My night was sooo gooooood! I went clubbing, the DJ made the guy point a spotlight at me and i was just feeling fucking good!! Haha! And he was saying like "Damn, you girls could learn a few moves from this chick!" i didn't realise til my girl Eleni was like "AHHHH he's talking about you!!" Wooooooooooo!! Alot of other cool shit happened but i'm wayy too lazy to type it... Anyways, my cousin drove us home as he was drunk but got pulled over by the cops and they took him away.. We had to fucken walk!! And i was saying "Fucken cop!! If we get raped and killed it's HIS FAULT!!!" but then we got to a petrol station and called a cab from there.. It was fucked up though.. Cos i had no credit.. My other cousin had no battery and our other friends phone couldn't make calls! It was just baaad luck lol! But we got home in the end.. I felt so drunk when i got home.. I just didn't give 2 shits about anything.. I haven't even slept yet and the sun came up already :O ahhhhhhhhh........ I'ma go to sleeeep soooooooon and it's gonna be the BEST sleeep!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, chaooo..!

Sorry for all the swearing, i don't swear alot.. Except for tonight.. I swore alot.. In a GOOD way though!! :D



  1. haha, glad to hear you had a good night (well with the exception of getting pulled over) =b

  2. Lol. What a crazy night girl. Haha xD

  3. wow...such a crazy night :D