Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rude ass bouncers..

Why are bouncers so god damn rude and mean most of the times?! I understand that they have to deal with drunk/rude/stupid people from time to time but why the hell do they have to be so rude to EVERYONE? And if it doesn't go their way, the only thing they have to say as a threat is "OR YOU'LL GET KICKED OUT!" Man, shut the F#!@ up with that shit..

Last night one of the bouncers told me to move (he actually pushed me as he told me to) so i did.. Then he comes back and pushes me again telling me to move, but this time there were people in front if me and I'M PRETTY SURE HE'S NOT BLIND! Then i tell him (as i'm pointing to the people in front of me) "I can't move! There's people here!!" Then the dumb cunt goes "Fucken move or get kicked out!"..... I was there thinking 'Is this guy serious right now..'

I hate that they assume we're ALL drunk and not worth listening to.. It just really pissed me off cos he couldn't understand WHY i couldn't move.. Bouncers should not be allowed to put their hands on you unless the situation calls for it... MY situation did NOT call for him to push me.. TWICE..

End of rant i guess.. >:/

Stupid hardcore-acting bouncers...


  1. i totally feel you girl. some are really rude like they dont care. Ive only had one bad experience with one.

  2. I'm glad that I've never had a bad experience with any bouncers, but boy do I hear some really upsetting stories/rants. Sorry that you had to get pushed =/

  3. Hey, I thought I'd drop by to say HELLO :) since you haven't updated your blog in a while. I hope all is well <3