Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you ever just sit there..

With a blank mind..
Wondering if you should write some bullshit blog to pass time..
I'am so not creative >.<
Don't mind me, honestly i just like to read what other people have to say.
I don't even know why i have followers, do you guys like reading what i have to say? If so, that's cool :) I never expected to have followers <3
I'll try not to be boring anyways.. I'll post pictures of dead animals and write stories about how they possibly died >.<
Yeyahh! x]

Ok.. I'll stop now :(


  1. yay for another aussie wit a blog and ehh yay for dead animals? lol

  2. YaY you're finally back! It had been FOREVER since you blogged. And yes I read what you read, idk why, but I just like knowing what's happening with other people. Maybe I'm just noisy, but I love reading people's blogs no matter what the subjest matter may be :D
    ...but idk about those dead animal posts 0_0 It might make me sad.